To keep Permanent Resident visa

If you are a PR holder, and even if you leave Japan, and if you return here within one year, you don’t need to get “Re-entry permit”.

In this case, instead, you have to get “Special Re-entry permit”, but this  is very easy to get.

The validity of “Special Re-entry permit” is only one year.

If you want to leave Japan for more than one year, you have to get “Re-entry permit”, if you want to come back here.

You can’t use “Special Re-entry permit” way, in this case.

You can get “Re-entry permit” from Immigration Office, not the airport.


That is to say;

when you leave Japan for more than one year without “Re-entry permit”, you will lose your PR, even if you got “Special Re-entry permit”.


To permanent status holders Please don't forget to take re-entry permit procedure if you stay outside Japan over one year. Today, I got a call from a woman who used to have a permanent status.She lost the status, because she didn't know there is a necessity to take re-entry permit. She lived in Japan for almost over 30 years, but she lost her precious status!What a waste! Once you lose it, it is difficult to get it again. They gave her the visa that allows h...
To permanent status holders - Oishi Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer Office Osaka Japan


On the other hand, the validity of “Re-entry permit” is maximum five years.

If you want to keep your PR, but if you want to spend your time outside Japan, get “Re-entry permit” before leaving Japan, and you should return here every 5 years.

To keep PR, you don’t need to have an address in Japan.

However, you have to renew your residence card every 7 years, and to renew it, you have to come back here.

So, be careful about managing your schedule.


Thank you.


Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer

Hitoshi Oishi from Osaka Japan


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