10 The conditions of normal naturalization (part 1) /Road to Japanese nationality (11)

1 Requirement of Residence

To have an address in Japan for more than five years continuously

It means that a foreigner who has been living continuously in Japan for more than five years.

For example, a foreigner who lived in Japan for 3 years, and then lived overseas for 1 year, and again has been living in Japan for 2 years will not meet this condition.

This “five years” standard is considered to be the required period to be needed for you to settle in Japanese society.

“Address” means domicile in Japanese Civil Law and it means the base and center of your life.


2 Requirement of Capacity

A person must be over 20 years old and have legal capacity based on their national law.


3 Requirement of Behavior

This means that a person should be honest.

That is to say;
Paying taxes properly
No criminal record

When you have criminal record, a certain period of time has to be passed after serving penalty or sentence.

It is of course preferable not to have traffic accident and traffic rule violation.

Please confirm the appropriate time to apply for naturalization in the consultation at Legal Affairs Bureau if you did such a mistake in the past unfortunately.


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