Residence tax declaration certificate/Residence tax payment certificate


Yesterday, I got a question from one of my page readers.

She is now challenging to get Permanent Residence by herself.

I’d like to share her case with you today.


After submitting the needed documents, she got a letter from Immigration Office.

They requested her to submit “Residence tax payment certificate of 2016”.


She already submitted “Residence tax declaration certificate of 2016”.

Her question is what is the difference between Residence tax payment certificate and Residence tax declaration certificate?



In general, they require both certificates in the process of Permanent Residence application.


Residence tax declaration certificate is the proof of imposing tax on your income.

This tells you the amount of income you got the last year.

So, it is widely used to prove your income.

That’s why they require this certificate.


Residence tax payment certificate is the proof of payment status of the tax.

By submitting this certificate, they will grasp your payment status.

Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer Hitoshi Oishi