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Consultation about Business Visa at TOKYO on June 15


On June 15th, I am going to go on a business trip to Tokyo.

Before going back to Osaka, I have some time to offer consultation.
So, if you want to consult about business manager visa at Tokyo, please send private message to me.

I will arrange the time for consultation.

Consultation fee is 10,800 yen.
After consultation, if you decide to use my service, I will put this into regular fee.

Thank you.

Can I use capital money before finishing company registration?

Can I use capital money before finishing company registration?

Can you tell me if I can use capital money that was deposited to bank account until company registration finishes?
I want to use it for my business activity.

You can use the money deposited in bank account for your business.

After depositing the capital money, you can use it to pay office rent fee or fee for company registration, etc.

You don’t need to keep it until registration finishes.

The flow is like this.

(1) Certification of Articles of Incorporation
(2) Depositing the capital money
(3) Making copies of the bank account book or getting bank certificate which shows the deposit of the money.
(4) Company registration

So, after (3), even if registration process (4) is unfinished, you can withdraw and use it.

Dangerousness of self-interpretation

Dangerousness of self-interpretation

I got a question like this.

“I live in ×××.
I have spouse visa until 2019-3-4.
Now I divorced.
I should change my visa to business visa.”

“When did you divorce?” I asked to him.
He said, “Two years ago”.

This is the end of the story.

He did not report the fact of divorce to Immigration office when he divorced.
Under current rule, even if his visa is valid until 2019, once he divorces, his visa will be canceled within 6 months.

His mistake comes from his self-interpretation that even if he divorced, he can continue staying here until expiration.

He can’t change his status to business visa, because he is overstay now.

He should have changed his visa within 6 months after he divorced 2 years ago.

There’s nothing that can be done about it now.

Please be careful about it.

Thank you.

Predicting the Future by checking the Past

This explanation is bit abstract.

For example, suppose if you are a college graduate.

You are applying for working visa now.

However, immigration office asks you about overtime illegal working when you were a student.

In this case, even if there is no problem about working visa, you will have a problem because of your past activity, and in the end, your application might be in fail.

This is what I wanted to say in this video.