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1 商業管理簽證申請




② 4個月經營簽證資格認定證明書費用:150萬日圓








2 公司成立



⑤登記許可稅 6萬日圓


3 古董銷售

⑥ 二手商品營業執照申請:30萬日圓





















4 months Business Manager visa

Getting Business Manager Visa is the way to sustain and expand your business through Japan market.

Are you having the problems like these?

I want to expand my business, but the problem is how to buy high quality items.

Brokers commission is high and depending on them all the time is feeling unstable to my business.

I wish I could buy cars and car parts in Japan…

To do so, you may think about getting temporary visitor visa, but, here comes another problem:

I can’t get invitation letter!

I have many friends in Japan, but no one help me, when it comes to getting the visa to come to Japan, because of jealousy or a sense of rivalry…

Do you have to give up your idea at this point?

The answer is NO.

In this case, 4 months business manager visa might work as your useful weapon.

This is not a temporary visitor visa.

Since this is not a temporary visitor visa, you do not need to get invitation letter.

  1. This is the residence visa for your business preparation.
  2. After coming to Japan with the visa, in this 4 months, you can open your bank account and register your company.
  3. This means, at the time of applying for 4 months business manager visa, you don’t need to have your office nor register your company.

Hello, I am an immigration lawyer handling business manager visa for those who want to establish their company in Japan.

As an immigration lawyer and a judicial scrivener, I can help your procedure from company establishment to getting business license for handling used cars consistently.

This means, in Japan, you don’t need to find each professional, because I can offer all the necessary help as to your business.

Do you waste your time to spend too much time to do so?

And if you use an unexperienced lawyers, they will take you nowhere.

For example, if they say, “When establishing your company in Japan, you need a Japanese partner,” they are low skilled lawyers.

With 9 questions, I will guide you!

The flow is very simple:

  1. I will guide you with 9 questions. I can judge your possibility with this 9.
  2. Then, I will estimate all the necessary fee for your case.
  3. After receiving the initial fee, I will start working for you.

Inquiry: Please click the below WhatsApp button.

On WhatsApp, I will ask you one by one.

Let’s think about the possibility.

Let’s start preparation for your business in Japan.

I will assist you.

After getting the visa, you can stand by yourself.

Is this the situation you have been looking for, right?

Go beyond the border, merchants, with your own feet!

Thank you.

Hitoshi Oishi (Judicial Scrivener and Immigration Lawyer, in Tokyo, Japan)

PR (Short Cut) and Annual income

Today’s talk is about the definition of “annual income”.

Understanding this is important when it comes to thinking about PR application through point-based system.

Nihongo Soumatome N1 日本語総まとめ N1 文法 (「日本語能力試験」対策)

If you have JLPT grade 1 or 2, you can add 15 (G1) or 10 (G2) points.

So, if your points fall short of the total points that are necessary to use “short-cut” to PR, getting the grade might be one way.
In addition to this, to apply for naturalization, having these grades would work well for your process.

The good point of this book is you can learn with English and Chinese translation.

Grammar is like bones, and without them, we can’t make shape our own body, in my opinion.
I recommend this book.

The relation of your age and Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals or Permanent Residence shortcut

Today’s topic is “The relation of your age and HSFP or PR shortcut (Under 40 or not, that is a question).”

Thinking about applying for “Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” or Permanent Residence through short-cut (point system), your age is one of the important elements to decide whether you can get it or not.

Today, I will explain it based on the FAQs of point based system for HSFP issued by the immigration bureau.

Permanent Residence, Let’s review the requirements, again!(3 check points & 5 revised additional items)

Today’s topic is “PR(Permanent Residence), Let’s review the requirements, again!” (3 check points & 5 revised additional items)

As you know, they revised the guideline for applying for Permanent Residence last year and also revised the list of necessary documents, so we need to gather more documents than before.

Today, I would like to review the basic requirements of applying for PR again as part 1 and explain about the check points they revised as part 2.

(Part 1)
First, let’s check the basic requirements.
1 The period of years you have been in Japan
2 Having stable income or having adequate assets
3 Being a person of good conduct

(Part 2)
Last years’ biggest revised point is this.
As a requirement for permanent residence application, not only tax payment but also payment of public pension (national pension) and public medical insurance (national health insurance) is necessary.