9 Checking before starting action/Road to Japanese nationality (10)

9-1 Do you make an honest living?

Whatever types of naturalization you take, there is only one basic point.

Frankly speaking, it is “Being a person of good conduct”.

It is very simple.

Can you say “Yes” to this question with confidence?

“Do you live here without bothering Japanese society?”

If you can say yes, then, you submit the documents that explain that you meet the required conditions for naturalization.

You can say this is the application for permission to naturalization.


However, as I mentioned, permission depends on the discretion of the Minister of Justice, which means that we solicitors and immigration lawyers can’t give it to you.


Our job is to help you with your application smoothly.
Of course, to some extent, I can judge the prospect of whether the application will be allowed or not.


9-2 Checking conditions first before collecting documents

I will explain the conditions for naturalization later, but If you don’t meet conditions, there is almost no chance of getting permission for your application.

Even if you meet the conditions, you need to get the documents that can prove them.

Being able to collect the required documents is also important key point to success.

If you have any questions whether you meet the conditions, etc., you should consult with the person in charge of Legal Affairs Bureau in order not to spend your time and effort in vain.


Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer
Hitoshi Oishi


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