16-5 Needed documents-Others/Road to Japanese nationality (21)

1) Copies of driver’s license card (front side and back side)

If you forget to report the change of your address to Police, you should do this before application.


2) Driving record certificate


How to get this certificate?

a) Get application form

You can get it at police station, police box, or Japan Safe Driving Center.


b) Fill in the application form.


c-1) Pay the fee (630yen) and apply at the post office nearby.

c-2) Apply directly at Japan Safe Driving Center.


d) You can get it in two weeks when applying at the post office.

They will send it to you by mail.

When applying directly at Japan Safe Driving Center, they will send it to you in a week or so.


3) Driver’s license career certificate

When your license is lapsed or cancelled, you have to get this certificate.


4) Graduation certificate of the final school you graduated


5) Certificate of your qualifications or skills


6) Copy of register of your real property


7) Copy of lease contract of your domicile


8) Police certification


9) Copy of notification of allowance/Copy of notification of annuity certificate

/Copy of pension notification


10) Copy of bankbook


11) Certificate of student status


As I already explained the other day, what documents you have to collect and prepare depends on the situation of each individual.
So, to make it sure, you need to go to Legal Affairs Bureau to ask about it.


Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer
Hitoshi Oishi from Osaka Japan


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