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I want to make my GODO (Limited Liability) company. If I use your service, what merit do I have?


Thank you for asking.


If you are residence visa holders, such as “Spouse of Japanese”, “Permanent Resident”, and “Long Term Resident”, etc., you can do your business without getting business manager visa.


In these visas, there are no working restrictions, in principle, and, you can do it in any way under sole proprietorship or corporation.


Now, I am doing my business in personal base, but I want to change it into company base.

I decided to start my business, so I need to establish my company.


Yes, I can help you as a solicitor here.

When you use legal professional, please be careful not to choose GYOSEI-SHOSHI lawyers.

They are prohibited to handle commercial registration process, and if they get reward from you for this matter, it is illegal.


I will explain about the merit of using my service.


1 You do not need to go to Legal Affairs Bureau.

All you have to do is to get personal seal certificate from city hall and depositing capital money to your bank account.


2 You do not need to pay 40000 yen as stamp revenue fee.

Since I have my electronic signature, and I make company’s article of association with PDF, you do not pay it under the stamp duty law.

If you make it with paper base, you have to pay revenue stamp of 40000 yen.

For your reference, please check this.
You can see how economical GODO (Limited Liability) is.


3 Travel fee is no necessary.

Other than my fee, train fee is no necessary, because, we can use online application system.

From my office, I can send application form to the Bureau of near your place online.

So, I can respond to the requests from all over Japan.


4 If necessary, I order company seal for you.

If you do not have time to select or order it, please let me know.

I can do it on behalf of you.

In this case, of course, additional seal fee is necessary, but you do not need to buy expensive one.


5 Since I can be your agent, you do not need to talk to the Bureau directly. From start to end, I can handle everything for you.

After all the process done, I will get copy of registration of your company and company seal card (INKAN-CARD), and I will send them to your address.


If your visa is other than residence visa such as working or student, you can’t use this service.
Because, doing business is not allowed in these visas.

If you are thinking about making company, please consider using my service.

For details, through the form below or my Facebook page, send your message, please.

Thank you.



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The flow of making GODO kaisha


I am Hitoshi.

Thank you for always coming to my page.


In this series, I explain about GODO (LLC) kaisha.


If you have time, please check the former videos, too.

I am sure they will deep your understanding more.


I pasted the link to the videos below.

Godo kaisha is Good!/How to make GODO kaisha (LLC/合同会社)?


What is the difference between GODO kaisha and KABUSHIKI kaisha?


Today, I will explain about the flow of making GODO kaisha.

Let’s start.

Today, I explain the outline of the flow.

For details, let’s check step by step, later videos.

This is the outline.

There are 7 steps. Let’s check it one by one.



Step 1 Deciding the basic items of your company

At this stage, we need to decide these 6 items.


After registration done, you can get the copy of registration of your company like this.


Step 2 Getting personal seal certificate

When you get residence card, you can register your personal seal (JITSUIN) in your city or ward office.

To apply for company establishment, to make it sure that the application is made by the representative of the company, they require us to submit the certificate of personal seal.


Step 3 Making company seal (Kaisha Jitsuin)

When apply for registration of your company, you need company seal or Kaisha Jitsuin.


The size is regulated, so you can’t choose freely.

The seal needs to be within the square which is over 1 cm and less than 3 cm each side.


Hanko shops know this rule, of course, so you do not need to explain it from your side.


Step 4 Making company article (article of association)

You need to decide the basic items of company operation.

Later videos, I will explain for details.



Step 5 Depositing capital money to your bank account and making a certificate of receiving it.


After making article of association, you need to deposit or transfer capital money to your bank account.

Later videos, I will explain about how to.



Step 6 Preparing necessary documents for company registration

At this stage, you need to prepare the documents like these.



As to these, later videos, I will explain further.


Step 7 Go to Legal Affairs Bureau (法務局へ行く・HOUMU-KYOKU)

After all preparation done, you go to HOUMU-KYOKU or Legal Affairs Bureau.

Today’s explanation is just the outline of the flow.

So, from next time, I explain details each by each.


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Thank you for watching.

See you.





Tips for success to get dependent visa/The importance of making Balance Sheet


I am Hitoshi.

Thank you for always coming to my page.

Today’s topic is “Tips for success to get dependent visa.”


As an immigration lawyer, I can say definitely, “if you do not have financial power to support your family member, you can’t get dependent visa without doubt.”


The explanation I will do now might make you disappointed, so, if you do not want to watch this video, I suggest you should leave.


Some think, “Since I have student visa, I can invite my wife (husband) easily.”


However, in my opinion, your idea is too optimistic.

Dependent visa is not a “free-pass” to come to Japan.

Dependent visa is not for your leisure.


First of all, you have to think why it is necessary to get dependent visa.


Recently, the rate of issuance of certificate of eligibility for dependent visa has been decreasing, I think.


Can you guess why?


Because, there were lot of cases where dependent visa holders work longer hours beyond the limit of work-permit.


Dependent visa is dependent visa.

Dependent visa is not working visa.


We must think about the purpose of dependent visa again here.

The purpose is:

So that the supporter’s family can live together with supporters peacefully in Japan.


Of course, the dependent can work outside, but as I said, it has limitation of working hours and you need to get permission.


Anyway, the recent examination process is getting strict, so to apply for it, from our side, we need to prepare all the documents very carefully.


“The good old days” will never come back.


I said, “financial power.”

Yes, it is very important point.

To show you have a power to support your family, it is not enough to submit tax certificate and salary slips of these 3 months or so.


Here, on YouTube, you can see a lot of videos about dependent visa, but most of them are amateurs’ video.


I am a professional, I am an immigration lawyer.

So, now, I will explain the tips for getting dependent visa.


The point is you need to make balance sheet of your household.


It is no good just to say, “I can support my family with my salary.”

You can say anything with your mouth.


What we need is evidence to show.


By making balance sheet, they can understand if you have the power or not.

And, by making it, you will know if you can invite your family or not.


These are examples of balance sheets of my clients made in the past.

All of them could get the visa for their family.


Usually, I don’t handle dependent visa much, but when I receive the request from clients, before starting the process, I ask you to make the sheet first.


Once you get failed, second or third application will also be tough one.

So, you should “look” your situation before you leap.


And, to support the accurate of the balance sheet, from your side, you need to submit necessary documents, such as tax certificate, bank certificate, and salary slips, etc.


You should not apply for it without deep thought and careful preparation.

I don’t want you to get failed.


So, please be careful and please share this video.


Thank you for watching.

See you.

What is the difference between GODO (LLC) kaisha and KABUSHIKI kaisha?

I am Hitoshi.
Thank you for always coming to my page.

Today, before starting explaining about actual flow of making GODO kaisha, I explain about “What is the difference between GODO kaisha and KABUSHIKI kaisha?”

The last time, I said, “KABUSHIKI kaisha is not the only company form in Japan.”
KABUSHIKI is one of the forms of company.

In my opinion, since most of your business size is small at the beginning, I recommend that you start from GODO kaisha.

If you are the only member of your company, there is no big difference between KABUSHIKI and GODO.

Even when your company size is big, you can choose GODO kaisha, of course.

For example, these companies are GODO kaisha.

Now, let’s check the differences one by one.

As to form, both are juridical person.

So you can use your company as the subject of a contract in real trade.


As to member’s responsibility,

it is limited up to capital money or the amount of share, technically.


As to least number of necessary members, in GODO and KABUSHIKI, more than 1 person is necessary. So, you can start it alone.


As to capital money, in both cases, more than 1 yen is necessary.

However, as to business visa, you need to invest 5 million yen at least.


As to highest decision maker, in GODO, member is the supreme decision maker, whereas, in KABUSHIKI, shareholder’s meeting is the highest.


As to executive and management organization, in GODO, member is the operator of the company, and in KABUSHIKI, director or board of directors is executive organization.


As to terms of directors, in GODO, unlimited, and in KABUSHIKI, up to 10 years.


As to mandatory publication of financial statements, in GODO, no need to go public it, whereas in KABUSHIKI, it is mandatory.


As to the way of distribute of gain, in GODO, it can be decided by freely, and in KABUSHIKI, it is decided by portion rate of investment.


As to taxable object, in both forms, company is the object of taxation.

Of course, they will also impose income tax on your own salary as company director.


As to tax, in both cases, even if your company has deficits, at least you need to pay 70,000 yen as corporate tax.


As to necessary fee, I explained the other day, but compared to KABUSHIKI, GODO is economical.

That’s all today.

For your reference, and I hope this will help you.


(PR) As to HANKO

You can get company seal and square seal in one set through this link.
As to application form, unfortunately, there is no foreign language version, so, if you need to apply, please let me know.
I will apply for it on behalf of you.

4 months business manager visa as your business preparation in Japan

If you are thinking about setting up your business in Japan, getting the visa is unavoidable issue.As a solicitor and immigration lawyer, I can offer an appropriate legal help for your business expansion.

Oishi Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer Office/大石司法書士・行政書士事務所さんの投稿 2019年10月26日土曜日



As an immigration lawyer and solicitor, I can offer visa process and legal support for your business expansion in Japan.

After Japan was defeated in WW2, Mr.Junius Richard Jayewardene paved the way for Japan to return to International world by saying “Hatred ceases not by hatred, But by love.” Since then, we have been in close ties.

I believe expanding your business eventually will lead to stability and peace in the region.

Mainly, the service I can offer is about business manager visa process, but when starting your business, I can also support acquisition of real property, making branch, and legal trouble, etc.

If you are interested in business manager visa, please send your answer from this form.

After checking basic matters, I will estimate my lawyer fee.
If we agree, we can start the process.

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Thank you.