I want to make my GODO (Limited Liability) company. If I use your service, what merit do I have?


Thank you for asking.


If you are residence visa holders, such as “Spouse of Japanese”, “Permanent Resident”, and “Long Term Resident”, etc., you can do your business without getting business manager visa.


In these visas, there are no working restrictions, in principle, and, you can do it in any way under sole proprietorship or corporation.


Now, I am doing my business in personal base, but I want to change it into company base.

I decided to start my business, so I need to establish my company.


Yes, I can help you as a solicitor here.

When you use legal professional, please be careful not to choose GYOSEI-SHOSHI lawyers.

They are prohibited to handle commercial registration process, and if they get reward from you for this matter, it is illegal.


I will explain about the merit of using my service.


1 You do not need to go to Legal Affairs Bureau.

All you have to do is to get personal seal certificate from city hall and depositing capital money to your bank account.


2 You do not need to pay 40000 yen as stamp revenue fee.

Since I have my electronic signature, and I make company’s article of association with PDF, you do not pay it under the stamp duty law.

If you make it with paper base, you have to pay revenue stamp of 40000 yen.

For your reference, please check this.
You can see how economical GODO (Limited Liability) is.


3 Travel fee is no necessary.

Other than my fee, train fee is no necessary, because, we can use online application system.

From my office, I can send application form to the Bureau of near your place online.

So, I can respond to the requests from all over Japan.


4 If necessary, I order company seal for you.

If you do not have time to select or order it, please let me know.

I can do it on behalf of you.

In this case, of course, additional seal fee is necessary, but you do not need to buy expensive one.


5 Since I can be your agent, you do not need to talk to the Bureau directly. From start to end, I can handle everything for you.

After all the process done, I will get copy of registration of your company and company seal card (INKAN-CARD), and I will send them to your address.


If your visa is other than residence visa such as working or student, you can’t use this service.
Because, doing business is not allowed in these visas.

If you are thinking about making company, please consider using my service.

For details, through the form below or my Facebook page, send your message, please.

Thank you.



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