The flow of making GODO kaisha


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In this series, I explain about GODO (LLC) kaisha.


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What is the difference between GODO kaisha and KABUSHIKI kaisha?


Today, I will explain about the flow of making GODO kaisha.

Let’s start.

Today, I explain the outline of the flow.

For details, let’s check step by step, later videos.

This is the outline.

There are 7 steps. Let’s check it one by one.



Step 1 Deciding the basic items of your company

At this stage, we need to decide these 6 items.


After registration done, you can get the copy of registration of your company like this.


Step 2 Getting personal seal certificate

When you get residence card, you can register your personal seal (JITSUIN) in your city or ward office.

To apply for company establishment, to make it sure that the application is made by the representative of the company, they require us to submit the certificate of personal seal.


Step 3 Making company seal (Kaisha Jitsuin)

When apply for registration of your company, you need company seal or Kaisha Jitsuin.


The size is regulated, so you can’t choose freely.

The seal needs to be within the square which is over 1 cm and less than 3 cm each side.


Hanko shops know this rule, of course, so you do not need to explain it from your side.


Step 4 Making company article (article of association)

You need to decide the basic items of company operation.

Later videos, I will explain for details.



Step 5 Depositing capital money to your bank account and making a certificate of receiving it.


After making article of association, you need to deposit or transfer capital money to your bank account.

Later videos, I will explain about how to.



Step 6 Preparing necessary documents for company registration

At this stage, you need to prepare the documents like these.



As to these, later videos, I will explain further.


Step 7 Go to Legal Affairs Bureau (法務局へ行く・HOUMU-KYOKU)

After all preparation done, you go to HOUMU-KYOKU or Legal Affairs Bureau.

Today’s explanation is just the outline of the flow.

So, from next time, I explain details each by each.


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