Does Immigration Office give vocational college students a status of residence during job seeking period after graduation?


If vocational college graduates have diploma, they will be allowed to do job hunting after graduation.

This period is up to one year after graduation.


To prove that you are job hunting, you need to register at public employment security office (Hello Work) or Employment Service Center for Foreigners near your place.

You also have to prove that you can bear living expenditure during this period and submit the recommendation letter as to job hunting from vocational schools.

Then, you apply for permission of changing status of residence.

During job hunting period, your status of residence will be “Designated activities”.

If allowed, you will get “six months”, and if you don’t find a job during this period, by applying for extension, you will get another “six months” again.


I suggest you should consult with your school about this application.

Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer Hitoshi Oishi