To permanent status holders


To permanent status holders


Please don’t forget to take re-entry permit procedure if you stay outside Japan over one year.


Today, I got a call from a woman who used to have a permanent status.

She lost the status, because she didn’t know there is a necessity to take re-entry permit.


She lived in Japan for almost over 30 years, but she lost her precious status!

What a waste!


Once you lose it, it is difficult to get it again.


They gave her the visa that allows her to stay here for 30 days to prepare to leave, but she wants to live in Japan as usual as she has lived here.

So, now, she is trying to get a working visa to work as an English teacher. She has a long experience in teaching.


However, it takes time, effort, and cost. And mentally, it is a burden.


If you have a plan to leave Japan for a while, please be careful about the loss of your status.


Thank you.

Solicitor Hitoshi Oishi (司法書士・行政書士 大石人士)