Permanent Residence, Let’s review the requirements, again!(3 check points & 5 revised additional items)

Today’s topic is “PR(Permanent Residence), Let’s review the requirements, again!” (3 check points & 5 revised additional items)

As you know, they revised the guideline for applying for Permanent Residence last year and also revised the list of necessary documents, so we need to gather more documents than before.

Today, I would like to review the basic requirements of applying for PR again as part 1 and explain about the check points they revised as part 2.

(Part 1)
First, let’s check the basic requirements.
1 The period of years you have been in Japan
2 Having stable income or having adequate assets
3 Being a person of good conduct

(Part 2)
Last years’ biggest revised point is this.
As a requirement for permanent residence application, not only tax payment but also payment of public pension (national pension) and public medical insurance (national health insurance) is necessary.