15 Collecting, making and submitting documents /Road to Japanese nationality (16)

Documents you have to collect differ according to your work, nationality and age, etc.

The documents you have to submit for naturalization differ according to your personal situation, but in general, there are three types.

1) The documents you have to fill in or make.
2) The documents you have to collect from authorities, etc.
3) The documents you have in hand.

All these are to prove that you have qualified for the requirements of naturalization.


When you or same livelihood member are/is business owner, you need to collect more documents.

Furthermore, according to the applicant’s situation, they may ask you to submit other additional documents.


You can also classify the needed documents as below.

1) The documents you have to make by yourself.
2) The documents that show your nationality or identity.
3) The documents that show your assets, income, etc.


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