16-1 Needed documents-The documents you have to make by yourself /Road to Japanese nationality (17)

All these below are basic documents for naturalization application, and you will be asked by the interviewer about the contents you filled in these documents.

The biggest point at this level is that you should never make false representation.

You have to bear the responsibility for what you have written.


1) Application form for permission for naturalization


2) Summary of your family and relatives


3) Reasons for the application

You have to write it in Japanese by yourself, in your hand. You are not allowed to write it with computer.


4) Personal resume

You need to attach the documents as below to prove the contents.

・Copies of driver’s license card

・The documents to prove your professional license

・Graduation certificate

・Certificate of student status

・Academic transcript, etc.


5) A written oath


6) Summary of the living and assets


7) Summary of the business


8) Certificate of employment and salary


9) A rough map of the neighborhood of your home


10) A rough map of the neighborhood of your work place



Thank you.

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