Total support for Used Car Business (v2.0)

To do business in Japan, in principle, you need “Business Manager” visa.

In general, the basic flow to start your business is:


  1. Setting up your company.
  2. Getting permit or approval from local or relevant authorities.
  3. Applying for Business Manager visa.


As a solicitor, I can help you with your establishing company.

As an immigration lawyer, I can help you with your getting permission and the visa.


After getting business visa, if you want to invite your spouse or children from your country to stay here, I can help you with the process of getting “Dependent” visa.


When doing business, it always comes together with troubles.

To avoid or deal with these, I can advise you as your legal mentor.


I have both qualifications to handle these procedures, which means you don’t need to waste your precious time to think about who you should ask about.


I want you to do business here legally so that you can pursue your dream or interest without worry or problems.


Not only used car business, but I can handle other kind of businesses.


Estimation is free of charge, so if you are interested in using my service, please let me know.


Thank you.


Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer

Hitoshi Oishi from Osaka Japan


If you are in trouble about visa, please let me know.

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