6 Three types of naturalization /Road to Japanese nationality (7)

Types of naturalization are different according to the conditions.

As I mentioned in the last post, there are three types of naturalization.


  1. Normal Naturalization
  2. Special Naturalization
  3. Naturalization granted for special contribution to Japan


The conditions of naturalization make them three different types.


Permission of naturalization is up to the discretion of the Minister of Justice, and the decision whether it is approval or not will be made.


In an article 5 of Nationality Law, it says;

“The Minister of Justice may not permit naturalization for a foreign national who has not met the following conditions.”


There are seven conditions, and I will explain them on the next post, but in principle, the case that meet these all seven conditions is called as Normal Naturalization.


In articles 6 to 9, the cases where the conditions will be eased according to each applicant’s personal situation are stipulated.


When you apply for naturalization under the eased conditions bases on from article 6 to 8, it is called as Special Naturalization, and when you apply based on article 9, it is called as Naturalization granted for special contribution to Japan.



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