5 Nationality Law/Road to Japanese nationality (6)

5-1 The five main points of Nationality Law

The conditions of Japanese nationality are stipulated in Nationality Law based on Japanese Constitution article 10.


The five main points of Nationality Law are;

1 Nationality is the qualification to be a member of a certain country.

2 The laws or the treaties of the country stipulate the conditions of getting or losing one’s nationality.

3 As to getting nationality, there are two types; inborn or acquired nationality.

4 Reservation of Japanese nationality will be applicable to those who have dual nationality due to Japanese blood born outside Japan.

5 Those who have dual nationality must choose either of nationalities within a certain period after they become adult.



5-2 Inborn nationality and Acquired nationality

Among above five points, “inborn or acquired nationality” has a great relation with naturalization procedure.

The definitions of inborn or acquired nationality are as follows.


a. Inborn nationality

1.Getting nationality by birth

2.Getting nationality by legitimation


b. Acquired nationality

A person who is not a Japanese citizen may acquire Japanese nationality through naturalization.

To undergo naturalization, permission of the Minister of Justice shall be obtained.

Naturalization is based on permission of the Minister of Justice on an individual basis, and is based on your own will, which is called Acquired nationality.



5-3 Three kinds of naturalization

In Nationality Law, it stipulates the condition and sort of naturalization.

From article 5 to 9, three types of naturalization are stipulated.


1.Normal Naturalization

2.Special Naturalization

3.Naturalization granted for special contribution to Japan



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