1 The flow until submitting application/Road to Japanese nationality (1)

1-1 As to Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction of application for naturalization is not Immigration Office, but Legal Affairs Bureau.


Let’s get started to call nearest Legal Affairs Bureau to reserve consultation.


法務省:法務局・地方法務局所在地一覧 - www.moj.go.jp


In some Legal Affairs Bureaus, you can consult them without reservation, for example Osaka, but, to make it smooth, I suggest you call them in advance.

There are cases where you have to wait for almost one month to take consultation.



1-2 As to Consultation

By consulting with the person in charge, you can check if you have your eligibility for application for naturalization.

Also, they will tell you what documents you have to submit for application.

Required documents and certificates vary from person to person. Salaried workers, Business owners, Family relations such as married, adoption, etc.

Therefore, Kind of documents and total pages also vary according to the cases.



1-3 As to Collecting documents

If you get the information about the required documents after consultation, then let’s start to collect them.


There are some people who might think it is OK just to request them to City Hall and collect them, but there are the documents you need to request to your own country.


It might take more time and trouble than you think, because there is often a case where you don’t realize the incorrectness of them until getting them.


Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer
Hitoshi Oishi


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