8 Special Naturalization/Road to Japanese nationality (9)

In special naturalization, some conditions are eased compared to normal naturalization with consideration of each person’s situation.


For example, as to “Requirement of Capacity” in normal naturalization which I mentioned on the last article, judging from the phrase; “A person must be over 20 years old “, it seems that the person under 20 can’t apply for naturalization.


However, “Requirement of Capacity” will be eased by using special naturalization so that you can apply for naturalization in the cases as follows.



A person who is an adopted child of Japanese and has been having a domicile in Japan for more than one year continuously, and who was minor in his/her national law when he/she was adopted.


A foreigner whose spouse is Japanese citizen and who has been having a domicile in Japan for more than three years continuously, and who is living in Japan now.


Other than these, there are cases where “Requirement of Residence” or “Requirement of Livelihood” will be eased.

I will explain these “eased conditions” later.



Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer
Hitoshi Oishi


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