Overview of naturalization process

In principle, in my office, if you want to apply for naturalization, you have to communicate with me in Japanese, because naturalization means getting Japanese nationality and you do need to have the basic level of Japanese language.


However, I’d like you to know what the “naturalization” is, so, on this page, I will provide you with the information in English.


Let’s look at Overview of naturalization process, firstly.


1 Consultation at nationality division or family register division of Legal Affairs Bureau which has jurisdiction over where you live


2 Asking an expert (not necessarily needed)  In Japan, only Attorneys, Solicitors, and Immigration Lawyers can handle this process.


3 Collecting needed documents


4 Preparing the submitting documents and Checking them


5 Applying to Legal Affairs Bureau


6 Processes inside Legal Affairs Bureau

(1) Checking the documents

(2) Making Inquiries to all government offices

(3) Initiation of the Investigation/Examining the documents

(4) Interview/Providing further documents or evidence in support of the application

(5) Forwarding the case to the Minister of Justice (Civil Affairs Bureau of the Justice Ministry)

(6) Screening

(7) Final decision by the Minister of Justice


7-1 If Approval

(1) Notice through official gazette

(2) Notification to the applicant by Legal Affairs Bureau

(3) Submitting the report of naturalization/Returning resident card

(4) Creating new compilation of family register


7-2 If Disapproval

(1) Notification to the applicant by Legal Affairs Bureau

(2) Try again



Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer
Hitoshi Oishi