Livelihood protection and naturalization/Naturalization Q&A


I am getting livelihood protection(生活保護) now.

Can I apply for naturalization?



In my opinion, you can’t.

Nationality Law which stipulates naturalization says like this;

Article 5

(1) The Minister of Justice may not permit naturalization for a foreign national who has not met the following conditions:

(IV) Being able to make a living through his/her own assets or abilities, or through those of a spouse or of another relative his/her making a living


Receiving livelihood protection means you can’t make a living by the income or assets of yourself, your spouse, and your relatives.


Therefore, the fact of getting it means you can’t meet one of the conditions of naturalization, so, if this status continues, it would be very difficult to apply for it.


Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer
Hitoshi Oishi


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