Why do you have to submit Driving Record Certificate in naturalization procedure?


In naturalization procedure, you have to collect a lot of documents.

In one of them, there is a document called Driving Record Certificate.


This certificate shows the record of traffic accident and violation of traffic regulations in the past.


Why do you have to submit this?


Let’s check the article 5(1)(ⅲ) of Nationality Act which stipulates the condition

of naturalization.

Article 5


The Minister of Justice may not permit naturalization for a foreign national who has not met the following conditions:


Being a person of good conduct

To confirm whether you meet the condition of “Being a person of good conduct” or not, they use this certificate as information for making a decision. That’s why you have to turn it in.


How to get this certificate?

1.Get application form.

You can get it at police station, police box, or Japan Safe Driving Center.


application form 20160713


2.Fill in the application form.


3-1. Pay the fee (630yen) and apply at the post office nearby.

3-2. Apply directly at Japan Safe Driving Center.


4.You can get it in two weeks when applying at the post office. They will send it to you by mail.

When applying directly at Japan Safe Driving Center, they will send it to you in a week or so.


Thank you.


Solicitor Hitoshi Oishi (司法書士・行政書士 大石人士)