Japanese language test in naturalization



I went to Nagoya to meet my client.

We went to Legal Affairs Bureau of Nagoya together to consult about his naturalization.


Today, he had to take a Japanese language test.

That was very important information.


Unfortunately, he didn’t pass the test, because he was bit nervous.

They told him that you can come here again to take the test after learning how to write more.

However the level of the test was relatively easy, so I am sure he would pass the next one.

To make it certain, I assigned him the homework.

That is “To write diary in Japanese”.


For the time being from now, he sends me the photo of his diary to me after he finishes writing every time, and then I will check them.

In this way, I will support him to improve his writing ability.

There are many matters to face in front of us, but I will do my best to get the best result for him

This is one of my jobs.


Even if your speaking ability is very well, when it comes to writing, you may feel it is difficult.

To get Japanese citizenship or to become Japanese, it is inevitable.



Thank you.

Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer Hitoshi Oishi