Can I Invite my parent to Japan?


I got a question from one of my readers.
Today, I reconstructed our dialogue, and will share it with you.


I’m a permanent resident.

Is there any way to invite my aged mother to Japan?



If he/she does not have any relatives who can take care of him/her in his/her home country or other country, there might be a chance.

If so, by considering special circumstances, immigration might give him/her the status of Designated Activities.

Are you the only one who can take care of her?

Do you have any siblings in your country?



No. In my country, I have a brother.



In the present Japanese immigration system, there isn’t defined status that allows you to invite your parents in your home country to Japan.

So, there isn’t a definite way to invite them.

In addition to that, it is not easy for us to understand screening criteria, and therefore, getting permission is very difficult.

In your case, since you have a brother, I guess it is difficult to invite her.



Thank you.
Solicitor Hitoshi Oishi(司法書士・行政書士 大石人士)