Countervailing Power of Registration


Owning a land or building is a very expensive acquisition, and in addition to that, it is a bit complicated because there are various rules you have to obey.

There might be some cases where you get involved in troubles even though you have prepared well in advance.

Please ask Solicitor or Shiho-shoshi lawyer about real estate transactions and procedures, such as asking an architect about the house design or as asking an accountant about the tax.

Solicitor or Shiho-shoshi lawyer is a person qualified to prepare legal documents, handle real-estate transactions, etc.

We can provide you with safe and secure living environment from a legal point of view.

Registration of real estate is a very important legal system, because it can ensure you the safety of transactions.

The legal affairs bureau registers the information we provide about the land’s or building’s owner, land area, floor space, the existence of collateral, and etc.

Then they disclose the register book so that you can get the necessary information when you consider buying real property.

You need to do the procedure of ownership transfer to change the titles of real property owners when you buy, sell or donate it.

In principle, if you don’t get the registration of ownership transfer, you cannot insist on your rights against other people who have already acquired their registration even though you had bought the real property earlier.

This is called Countervailing Power of Registration.

Solicitor or Shiho-shoshi lawyer is an expert on the procedure regarding Real Estate ownership transfer.

Please feel free to ask anything if you have any further questions or problems regarding this procedure.

Thank you.


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