The importance of making copies of the set of application documents for visa.

In most cases, my client comes to my office after they get disapproval from Immigration Office, however, unfortunately, almost all of them visit to me with only bringing the notification letter of disapproval.


I want you to make and keep copies of the set of application documents for visa.


The merits are:


  1. In the meeting with you, we check the reason for rejection, and I judge if they can re-apply or not. If you have, we can get the points we should correct easier.


  1. After re-apply, if the contents or statement you wrote in the documents this time don’t coincide with them in the last application, Immigration will doubt about it/them, and you would have to explain these differences. This could affect the result of your re-apply. Therefore, to avoid this, copies will be great help, so that I can understand what you did in the last application.


When I feel it is OK to try again, I receive their request to make documents for re-apply.


Yes, to make copies is not economical, but what is the important thing to you?


I suggest you should think making copies as “necessary expenses” to your precious visa.


In my office, I make copies for you, of course.


Thank you.


Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer

Hitoshi Oishi from Osaka Japan


If you are in trouble about visa, please let me know.

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