Don’t disregard “Implementing the obligation to report in Immigration Law”.

When they judge your application for status change or renewal, they will use and consider some points listed on the guideline.

You can see this guideline on Ministry of Justice’s website (available in multi languages).


Among these points, the one you should not disregard is “Implementing the obligation to report in Immigration Law”.

According to the guideline, they use this as one of the main points when it comes to decide if they grant you approval or not.


And, in the future, when considering applying for Permanent Resident visa, it is far better to implement this obligation. It will never be disadvantage to you, rather it will work well for you.


The items you should do;

・Notification of the matters described on the residence card

・Application for renewal of validity of the residence card

・Application for re-issuance of the residence card due to loss etc.

・Return of the residence card

・Notification of the organization to which they belong


I hope this information would help your living in Japan.


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Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer

Hitoshi Oishi from Osaka Japan


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