The advantages of having Permanent Resident (PR) status / えいじゅうけん の メリット

20161201-11.You no longer need to worry about extension of your status of residence.

Once you get it, you don’t need to renew it.

Unless you get deportation, you can stay in Japan continuously.


2.There are no working restrictions.

In principle, Permanent Resident holders can choose their occupation freely.

So, they will not be recognized as illegal workers in any work.


3.It would be good effect for your family’s application for Permanent Resident

When you have Permanent Resident, the conditions toward application for it of your spouse or children will be easier than general conditions, therefore, the chance of getting it will be high.


4.Even if your spouse dies or you divorce your spouse, you can live here.

Under “spouse” visa, in principle, when your spouse dies or you divorce your spouse, you must leave Japan.

However, when you have Permanent Resident status, you can stay here as it is.


5.You can get social credibility.

You can get social credibility easier, especially in commercial dealing, since having Permanent Resident status means you have the solid foundation to stay here longer.



Thank you.
Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer Hitoshi Oishi