The procedure of buying a house

buying a house

1.Collecting information

Collecting information by using the Internet, reading classified ads and magazines and visiting model home.


2.Making the fund plan

Understanding how much money you can spend to buy the house and how much money you can borrow reasonably from the bank.


3.Selecting the area and the property

Thinking about:

・the purchase budget

・which place you want to buy a house

・what kind of houses you want to buy

Then, you narrow down the properties.


4.Making a field trip to the area

a) Checking things such as;

Convenience for commuting and attending school

Daily shopping

The surrounding environment


b) Looking over the property itself by visiting model home.


5.Checking realtors

Before the sales contract, you should check the realtor’s past sales records and current situation.

When deciding the purchase of the real estate, there would be a lot of cases where in the end you have to trust the realtor or contractor.


6.Closing the deal

At this stage, you have to pay deposit.


7.Receiving a housing loan(if needed)


8.Moving into the house

After paying the remaining balance, you can move to your new house.

At this stage, you have to do many things such as;

Preparations for house-moving

Transferring procedures of a resident’s card

Applying for change schools, etc.


9.Registering your ownership

You have to register you ownership immediately after you get the real property.



Thank you.

Solicitor Hitoshi Oishi (司法書士・行政書士 大石人士)