Tips for success to get dependent visa/The importance of making Balance Sheet


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Today’s topic is “Tips for success to get dependent visa.”


As an immigration lawyer, I can say definitely, “if you do not have financial power to support your family member, you can’t get dependent visa without doubt.”


The explanation I will do now might make you disappointed, so, if you do not want to watch this video, I suggest you should leave.


Some think, “Since I have student visa, I can invite my wife (husband) easily.”


However, in my opinion, your idea is too optimistic.

Dependent visa is not a “free-pass” to come to Japan.

Dependent visa is not for your leisure.


First of all, you have to think why it is necessary to get dependent visa.


Recently, the rate of issuance of certificate of eligibility for dependent visa has been decreasing, I think.


Can you guess why?


Because, there were lot of cases where dependent visa holders work longer hours beyond the limit of work-permit.


Dependent visa is dependent visa.

Dependent visa is not working visa.


We must think about the purpose of dependent visa again here.

The purpose is:

So that the supporter’s family can live together with supporters peacefully in Japan.


Of course, the dependent can work outside, but as I said, it has limitation of working hours and you need to get permission.


Anyway, the recent examination process is getting strict, so to apply for it, from our side, we need to prepare all the documents very carefully.


“The good old days” will never come back.


I said, “financial power.”

Yes, it is very important point.

To show you have a power to support your family, it is not enough to submit tax certificate and salary slips of these 3 months or so.


Here, on YouTube, you can see a lot of videos about dependent visa, but most of them are amateurs’ video.


I am a professional, I am an immigration lawyer.

So, now, I will explain the tips for getting dependent visa.


The point is you need to make balance sheet of your household.


It is no good just to say, “I can support my family with my salary.”

You can say anything with your mouth.


What we need is evidence to show.


By making balance sheet, they can understand if you have the power or not.

And, by making it, you will know if you can invite your family or not.


These are examples of balance sheets of my clients made in the past.

All of them could get the visa for their family.


Usually, I don’t handle dependent visa much, but when I receive the request from clients, before starting the process, I ask you to make the sheet first.


Once you get failed, second or third application will also be tough one.

So, you should “look” your situation before you leap.


And, to support the accurate of the balance sheet, from your side, you need to submit necessary documents, such as tax certificate, bank certificate, and salary slips, etc.


You should not apply for it without deep thought and careful preparation.

I don’t want you to get failed.


So, please be careful and please share this video.


Thank you for watching.

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