16-3 Needed documents-The documents that show your assets, income, etc. /Road to Japanese nationality (19)

Assets and income are important standard to decide if you can live in Japan stably.

In this category, if you are a business owner, you have to prepare more documents than salaried workers.


1) Individual

a) Withholding record of employment income (if you are a salaried employee)

b) Copies of Tax withholding slip (if you are an employer)


c) Copies of Tax Return

d) Income tax payment certificate

As to c) and d), you have to submit these if you meet any of the situations as follows;

  1. You are salaried worker and get paid from more than two workplaces and have more than two withholding records of employment income.
  2. You are salaried worker but your salary is not withheld at source, so you do tax return by yourself.
  3. Sole proprietorships
  4. Your annual salary is over 20 million yen.


e) Payment certificate of sole proprietorship tax

f) Payment certificate of consumption tax

g) Municipal inhabitant tax payment certificate (everyone has to collect)

h) Municipal inhabitant tax declaration certificate (everyone has to collect)


2) Business manager of corporate body

a) Copies of Tax Return

b) Copies of financial statements

c) Payment certificate of corporation tax

d) Payment certificate of enterprise tax on corporation

e) Copies of Tax withholding slip

f) Payment certificate of Corporation consumption tax

g) Payment certificate of Corporation municipal tax

h) Payment certificate of Corporation prefectural tax

i) Company transcript

j) Copies of operating permission


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