Guarantor and Letter of endorsement

In immigration procedures, there is a case that you are required to prepare guarantor and submit letter of endorsement of the guarantor.


When judging whether they allow you to enter and stay in Japan, there are several points to consider.


That is to say;

He/She is a good person or not?

Whether he/she is able to live in Japan without inconvenience or not?

Whether there is a supporter to give them a helping hand so as not to be in trouble?

Whether there is a financial supporter or not when they are in financial trouble?

Whether there someone who can support their living expenditure or traveling expenses?


To solve these problems, as to the person who doesn’t have the ability to make his/her own living, there is sometimes a case where you are required a guarantor to guarantee above matters. And, you are also required a letter of endorsement to guarantee with document.


Therefore, when you have the guarantor who has secure financial condition, they will allow you to enter and stay here by believing the guarantor. On the other hand, when there is no guarantor or even if there is a guarantor, but they lack the capacity of taking care of you, you might not be able to enter Japan.


This is the reason why you are required to submit the documents on guarantor such as certificate of employment, certificate of tax payment, and so on, when you submit the letter of endorsement.



Thank you.

Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer
Hitoshi Oishi