The flow of 4 months business manager visa / 4 ماہ کے بزنس مینیجر ویزا کا بہاؤ۔

Assalamo aleikum!

As to the process of business visa, I would like to manage all things by myself if possible.

(My answer)
As to this, my recommendation is 4 months business manager visa.
This is like business preparation visa.

1 Making concrete business plan, and profit/loss projection.
2 Deciding basic items of your company and making articles of your company.
3 Applying for certificate of eligibility of 4 months business visa.
4 After getting COE, you come to Japan.
5 Registering your address, your seal (hanko)
6 Opening your bank account in Japan
7 Getting office contract
8 Sending 5 million yen to your own account in Japan.
9 Registering your company (LLC)
10 Reporting opening of your company to tax offices
11 Applying for status change from 4 months visa to regular business manager visa (usually it starts from 1 year)

In this way, since you can open your account, there is no need to borrow someone’s account.

This flow is one example.
Depending on your business, we need to customize it.

To expand your business, I will support your activity from legal point of view, especially on visa and company registration process.

If you are interested in business manager visa, please send your answer from the form below.

After checking basic matters, I will estimate my lawyer fee.
If we agree, we can start the process.

Thank you.