11 The conditions of normal naturalization (part 2) /Road to Japanese nationality (12)


4. Requirement of Livelihood

Being able to make a living through his /her own assets or abilities or through those of a spouse or of another relative his/her making a living

A lot of people might be worried about how much money you need to have when you hear this requirement.

Of course, it is better to be wealthy, but it would be no problem if you are able to earn enough to live and eat like others.

It is even better to have property, bank savings, and qualification or skills that support your own living.


5. Matter of loss of nationality

When you are naturalized into Japanese, your own nationality will have to be lost or you have to give it up.

Don’t forget to check this matter because there is a case where some countries have conscription system.


6. As to Thought

In a word, they will refuse the application from the person whose idea is dangerous to Japan and Japanese society.


7. Being able to read and write Japanese

The required level seems to be elementary third grader’s level of Japanese.

There are foreigners who are learning Japanese hard in order to get naturalized.

After getting Japanese nationality, you can exercise your voting right.

To examine their public commitment and listen to political opinion broadcast, it is better to learn basic Japanese.


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