To get Permanent Resident

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Immigration Bureau of Japan shows us “Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence” so that we can understand the requirement of getting it.


If you want to get the status of Permanent Resident, you have to check whether you can clear 3 points as follows.


1.Requirement of residence in Japan

2.Requirement of good conduct and self-supporting subsistence

3.Requirement of national interest


In general, you must clear these points.


As to No.1, you have stayed in Japan for more than 10 years consecutively.


During this 10 years, if you came to Japan as a student and finished your study, and then have been working here, it is also required that you have to have stayed for more than 5 years after changing your status to working visa or the status of residence.


As to No.2, you are of good conduct. That is to say, you observe Japanese laws and your daily living as a resident does not invite any social criticism. In addition to this, you have sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living. That is to say, you do not financially depend on someone in the society, and your assets or ability, etc. are assumed to continue to provide you with a stable base of livelihood into the future.


As to No.3, your permanent residence is regarded to be in accord with the interests of Japan. “Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence” explains this concretely.


a) The person has been never sentenced to a fine or imprisonment. The person fulfills public duties such as tax payment.


b) The maximum period of stay allowed for the person with his/her current status of residence under Annexed Table 2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act is to be fully utilized.


c) There is no possibility that the person could do harm from the viewpoint of protection of public health.


Thank you.

Solicitor Hitoshi Oishi (司法書士・行政書士 大石人士)