2 The flow after submitting application/Road to Japanese nationality (3)

2-1 Implementation of interview

In this test, they will ask you about mainly the contents of the documents you submitted to them.

They will ask you especially about traffic accident, violation of traffic regulations, criminal record, family relation such as your spouse, parents or children, living situation, your business, etc.

Not to mention the documents, you must not tell a lie in the interview test as well.

You can say that false declaration would cause trouble to every direction and that it would not only prevent smooth process, but also lead to disadvantageous result.



2-2 Result- Notice of Approval

If you manage to get over the interview test, and application is approved, they will publish the result on Official Gazette.

You will get the notification of approval from the head of Legal Affairs Bureau.

After this, there are many requirements you should do, but if you follow the direction of Legal Affair Bureau, you can do it for yourself.

They are so easy, so you don’t need to worry about it.

As to your new copy of family register, you can get it in a week or so.



2-3 Result-Notice of Disapproval

When your case is disapproved unfortunately, they will send the notification of disapproval from Legal Affairs Bureau to you.

What should you do when you get the disapproval?

Let’s confirm the reason of disapproval.

In principle, they will not tell you the reasons, but they might tell you how long you have to wait for reapplication when the result of disapproval were due to traffic accident, violation of traffic regulations, criminal record.


2-4 The period of time until approval

You will get the result of approval after six months to one year from the day of application.

Therefore, the total amount period of time will be from one year to one and half a year including collecting and preparing documents from the time when you decide to apply for naturalization.




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