What visa will my baby get? Make all possible haste.

Even if a baby is born in Japan between foreign couple, the baby can’t get Japanese nationality, since Japan does not adopt the principle of deciding one’s nationality by one’s birthplace, called “principle of birthplace”.


If the baby leaves Japan within 60 days after birth, you don’t need to get it. Until then, the baby can stay here legally.


If you want the baby to stay continuously in Japan after from 60 days of the birth, you have to apply for getting the visa for the baby.

In this case, you should go to Immigration Office to submit the documents within 30 days from the birth, not 60 days.


When parent’s visa is other than Permanent Resident, you have to apply for “permission to acquire status of residence”.

When parent’s visa is Permanent Resident, you have to apply for Permanent Residence.


Since you only have 30 days, please be careful about scheduling.


Basic flow of the process:

1. Go to City Hall to report the birth within 14 days from the birth.

At this point please get:

a. Acceptance certificate of report of birth.

b. Certificate of residence of whole family.

c. The latest version of residence tax certificate and tax payment certificate.


2. Go to the embassy of nationality of the baby. At there, you report the birth of the baby and ask them to issue the passport for him/her.

3.Go to Immigration Office near your address to submit the above application form and documents within 30 days from the birth.


Thank you.

Solicitor & Immigration Lawyer

Hitoshi Oishi from Osaka Japan


If you are in trouble about visa, please let me know.